Get Rid of Heat Pump Problems Once and For All

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March 8, 2017

Get Rid of Heat Pump Problems Once and For All

Get Rid of Heat Pump Problems Once and For All

Most homeowners in Jacksonville have a heat pump installed in their homes. This will help keep their homes warm during the winter season. Heat pumps don’t generate heat on their own, but instead, move heat from one area to another. Whether the heat pump works on its own or depends on a furnace as its heat source, it is an effective source of cooling and heating.

But just like any mechanical equipment, the heat pump’s efficiency will deteriorate over time. There are instances in which it will start making uncharacteristic noises, or worse, breaks down without any warning. When that happens, it is important to call a heat pump repair Jacksonville provider right away.

Why Choose a Certified Heat Pump Repair Jacksonville Provider

It is important to find a heat pump repair service provider that is licensed and certified to do the job in Jacksonville. Make sure that the technician is trained and experienced to do the repairs. One will be able to diagnose the problem quickly, and get the system up and running again without any significant downtime. The technician can handle all models and makes of heat pumps. One will arrive on the job site with the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure an effective and fast repair.

It is recommended not to wait for the heat pump to break down before hiring a technician. If there are indicators that the system is not working at a hundred percent, then call a repair service right away. Addressing minor issues before they become big can help avoid costly repairs in the future. Not only that, an efficient heat pump will make the home more comfortable. It will also help in lowering the energy costs.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Just like any cooling and heating systems, it is important to observe proper maintenance of the heat pump. There’s a big difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained pump and a neglected one.

It is recommended to change or clean the filters at least once per month, and maintain the heat pump according to its manufacturer’s manual. Dirty fans, coils, and filters can cause the reduction of airflow through the system, and lower its performance. Not only that, it can also damage the compressor when left unchecked. A professional technician should be hired to service the heat pump at least once each year.

But even with an annual routine inspection, there will come a time when the heat pump will break down unexpectedly. When that happens, it is good to know that there’s a reliable and trusted technician who is more than willing to do emergency repair services no matter what time of day.

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